Pump Will Not Start

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pump Will Not Start

Postby cabillot » Fri 24 Apr, 2009 23:43

Pump will not start

In 2007, I replaced my pool pump with a rebuilt Whisperflo 1.5 hp Dual speed. I have been very happy with the Whisperflo until now.

From the beginning the Wisperflo pump intermittently would not start in low speed. In 2007 it only happened 2 or three times so I ignored the problem. Sometimes just turning it off and back on would be enough and it would start. Recently if it would not start in low speed I had to change to high speed to start the pump. When it does not start it just buzzes.

Now, it will not start in low speed. Just buzzes even after switching to high speed and back to low speed. I figured the starter capacitor was going and replaced it. No change. High speed works fine every time.

Any suggestions or trouble shooting suggestions??


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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Pump Will Not Start

Postby Me... » Sat 25 Apr, 2009 00:23

Single speed pumps can be 115 volts and many are wired that way. Most 2-speed pumps are 230 volts. If you apply 115 volts to a 230 pump it MAY start and run. Just something to check and believe it or not I do find this enough that I am mentioning it. Like heaters I find that are plumbed backwards for 5-10 years etc. Crazy what you can find out there in the wild!

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