Hayward R409 automatic skim/clean Vacuum Plate

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward R409 automatic skim/clean Vacuum Plate

Postby Rosco59 » Sat 25 Apr, 2009 17:01

I have a zodiac g3 suction cleaner and leave it connected all the time as it is in my lake house.
The problem is of course that the skimming action is compromised and while it is bottom cleaning ,no skimming is taking place.
I have seen the Hayward R409 vacuum plate advertised ,and it claims to switch from cleaning to skimming alternately when the pump starts up on each cycle.
Looking at the brochures and pics i can,t quite figure out how the unit actually works without some sort of solenoid valve,and i believe thereare no electrics [it is purely mechanical].
1.Has anyone had experience with one of these units and explain to me how it works?
2.How long have they been around?

Pentair have something called a "Vac Mate" ,but both the cleaner and skimmer operate at the same time and i can,t see how there is enough power in the pump to do both,but i am happy to be proven wrong.
1. has anyone had experience with one of these units?
2.How long have they been around?


Hayward R409 automatic skim/clean Vacuum Plate

Postby brendafw » Fri 10 Jul, 2009 10:32

I've used one of these in my pool for 12 years and it works mechanically by a spring loaded gizmo that lifts a water "valve" up and down alternating between positions each time the pump comes on. If you want to do both skimming and vacuum in the same day you will need to have 2 times that the pump comes on so that it will do both in each cycle. I have a manual pool timer and have 2 sets of on and off switches so the pump comes on 2 times, one right after the other.

The skim-vac plate hasn't changed at all in the years I've used them, so the design must be the best they can come up with. However, it does have some maintenance issues to keep it working. The little spring gizmo needs to be kept clean of dirt, debri, sand etc or it will stop switching back and forth. I was told by hayward to keep it clean and lubricated on a regular basis by squirting a very small amount of dishwashing liquid onto the spring and little post inside and working it up and down. As long as I do this about once a week or so, it tends to work pretty well. You may need to do it more or less often depending on your water and dirt conditions.

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