My DE Filter is buzzing and may explode!

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My DE Filter is buzzing and may explode!

Postby cyberart4 » Sat 25 Apr, 2009 19:09

Just as the subject states, my filter just started buzzing. I thouroughly cleaned it last year in Oct after its first full summer. I hooked up everything last week and all was good. I have backwashed out green slime twice now and the filter pressure went from nominal to holding at 35psi since this morning. Nominal is 20psi and backwash time is 32psi. It's clean and at 35psi. Why? All basket filters are good and the returns are strong. Both skimmer and filter are full power going into the pump. Today I shocked the pool and as soon as I did that I went to the filter and it was at 38psi. I cut it off and backwashed for a few seconds (it was clear already from this morning), rinsed, and started it again. This is when the buzzing started...loud too! I thought the thing was gonna blow sky-high. Right now I have the pump on recirc to keep the shock flowing but what of the filter. Could it be clogged with something big? If so how did something that big get in there through the holes in the pump basket filter? It's been running for a week and the pressure slowly built to this creshendo. It stayed at 24psi after the 1st BW and a bit higher after the 2nd and now this. I bw'd this morning and it stayed in the high 20's. Tomorrow I am going to Johnny 5 it again and hope to find enough green goo to explain this but the buzzing... :?

Phew... :wave: any help out there? Pentair Nautilus FNS 60 is the filter.

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