Pump Loosing Prime

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Pump Loosing Prime

Postby Dallaspls » Sat 02 May, 2009 14:53

I had a clog from hell that that I tried everything from the drain king to bursts of compressed air (175 psi compressor) (also snaking). Nothing worked. Finally found a CO2 charged "Kleer Drain" (at home depot) and after four co2 cartridges, my clog was cleared.

Me... wrote:"get the pump sucking at the skimmer and then plug in hose that is full of water intermittenly?"

Exactly :)


Pump Loosing Prime

Postby Guest » Wed 06 May, 2009 09:01

ok, i understand what you are saying about using the vac hose itself.

we ended up dislodging the 2 flexible dive sticks and the piece of fishing line with a bead on it that we sent in to confirm the blockage. We believe the block was at the 2nd 90 degree turn (1st turn after the immediate one at the bottom of the skimmer)

Anyway, what finally did it was the we started asking our friends to pray about this as we really wanted the pool available for our daughters grad party on 6/9. My husband bought enough fittings to plumb his compressor straight onto the line from the pump basket. He unhooked the pipe at the shut off by the pump basket and plumbed his compressor there and sent air through to blow the water out of the line. He planned to plug the skimmer basket after and put some pressure in the line, but that didn't turn out to be necessary. The blockage came bubbling up with the water.

Thanks so much for all your practical assistance and thank you Lord for your divine intervention!


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