Frozen baquacil

Baquacil, SoftSwim, Revacil, Splashes, Poly Clear. Using these
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Frozen baquacil

Postby Guest » Mon 27 Apr, 2009 07:23

I left my baquacil in the shed over the winter. If it freezes, is it useless? Thanks


I used to love swimming,when I tried them, Wow, I was floore

Postby anuradhan2009 » Sun 26 Jul, 2009 03:08

I used to love swimming, I would spend summers down at the lake with my family, and most of that time would be in the

water. Ever since I got glasses swimming has been pretty much impossible as i can's see well enough with them. It wasn't

until one of my son's swim meets, that I heard about Prescription swim goggles. I asked my optometrist about them and he

said they worked great. And wanted about $80.00 for a single pair. I didn't want to pay that much for goggles before I had

tried them out myself. So I started looking online and I came across a pair

from there. The experience was awesome. The site was straight forward- and the prices were amazing. I was a little

skeptical about the product. But when I tried them, Wow, I was floored. They were AMAZING. I dived right in, and I could

see. It was just like being a kid again. So if you wear glasses, and need them to swim or if you wear glasses and just

want to improve your visions in the water then check out a bonus if you do decide to order. I recommend it.

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