Pool Pump Installation Help needed

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Pool Pump Installation Help needed

Postby Guest » Tue 28 Apr, 2009 16:45

We just purchased a Hayward Superpump 1.5 hp dual (2)speed pump to replace a Hayward Superpump 1.5 single speed pump. We hooked it per the wiring diagram on side, turned it on, motor hums and kicks off. Will not spin while breaker on.

Voltage checks ok.

Any ideas?

The breaker has three wires coming out. Pump has 4 screws. Does anyone have access to a wiring diagram for SP1610Z2MS or have suggestions?


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Pool Pump Installation Help needed

Postby Me... » Wed 29 Apr, 2009 10:25

What voltage are we talking here?

The 3 wires can be line 1, line 2 and neutral (230). Or line 1, neutral and ground.(115)

In any event you will probably need 230 volt for the 2-speed pump as most are 230 only. You also may only be able to wire either hi-speed OR low-speed unless there is a 2-speed box already on the motor. Or you need to get an Air Switch or something similar to enable switching between speeds.

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