Proper Valve Settings

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Proper Valve Settings

Postby jstanger » Tue 28 Apr, 2009 19:47

Hello All. I need help setting the valves for my pool. We have an in ground pool with a jacuzzi that overflows into the pool when the pump is on. Recently, I have noticed that the suction is not very strong and the only way I can get the creeper to work is to shut off the valve to the skimmer. My guess is that I probably have the valves set incorrectly after setting it up on the jacuzzi one night. What is the ideal setup for us to have the jacuzzi over-flowing during the day, have the creeper working at its best and to have the skimmer working?

From left to right the valves/pipes running into the ground are labeled as: Jacuzzi Return 2, Jacuzzi Return, Pool Return, Main, Skimmer, Creeper, Jacuzzi. I have posted a photo of my setup. Thank you in advance!



Proper Valve Settings

Postby Guest » Fri 17 Jun, 2011 16:32

for the creeper to work at its best, turn the skimmer off...

Proper Valve Settings

Postby Guest » Fri 19 Aug, 2011 14:13

Best bet - either locate the original pool company who built the pool or locate a reputable pool company in your area, and have one of their associates come out and calibrate the settings for you and have them show you the best options for future operations. It may cost you a little but it's worth it.

Proper Valve Settings

Postby doh » Sun 21 Aug, 2011 08:55

clean your filter its dirty and then put valve back your wrong

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