Dead algae on bottom of pool

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Jana Soriano

Dead algae on bottom of pool

Postby Jana Soriano » Wed 29 Apr, 2009 21:26

We did not cover our inground pool and the algae was bad...I have shocked it back to a clear color but there is so much dead algae on the bottom of the pool. When I vaccum to waste it just stirs it up and then the whole pool gets cloudy again...Is there another way to get rid of the stuff in the bottom of pool...I am thinking about draining the entire pool and cleaning it out then filling it up again...What do you think?

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Dead algae on bottom of pool

Postby Pooltech32 » Wed 29 Apr, 2009 23:59

If it gets stirred up when you vaccum you have an issue with your dial valve, that is why stuff is returning to the pool, do you have a return valve anywhere on the system? if so close it when you vac to waste, that way you will be pushing all your water down the drain.
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