Thinking on building a pool for you home?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Thinking on building a pool for you home?

Postby picasam » Thu 30 Apr, 2009 10:07

Are you thinking on building a new pool? Well, do you homework right before sign any contracts. Be careful with “Blue Haven Pools” they said to you that you are contracting and experienced, reputable, dependable and long-standing company and it is false and misleading. Blue haven licenses its brand name to pool contractor without requiring them to construct pools to minimum standards. The truth is that there has never been any single company operating under the name "Blue Haven" in any state since 1954 and that none of the companies operating under the name "Blue Haven" have been in business since 1954, are not "national" companies and do not have 250,000 satisfied customers coast to coast.
Here is a little description of my experience with Blue Haven, hopefully it will open your eyes.
I built a pool with Blue Haven TN. I have problems from the beginning.
They started building on June 07 and finish at the end of November 07. They have to redo the stamped concrete around the pool because the first time was not made right. Blue Haven did not push the subcontractor to do it; it was only done because my husband and I handle the situation with the subcontractor directly.
Then, we noticed that we were loosing water and finally we found a crack on the shell, emptied the pool and fixed it (after long argument with Blue Haven) but we always had problems with the pump making terrible noises that even the neighbors complaint about it. It looses pressure all the time. They changed the Hayward motor and replaced with another one (I found today that they replaced it with something else a cheap brand so Hayward does not cover their warranty now). They also installed the ozonator on the wrong place making the filter fill with air. We still have a lot of many to describe.
They worst is that the office in Knoxville, TN is close after only one year on business and Blue Haven National do not want to be responsible for the problem. I call the 1-800 customer service and Ms. Ellen which number is 972-316-8662 provided me with the worst customer service I have to deal in my life, treating it me like crap. She said that it is not their problem. She does not want me to call her anymore or give me any number or names or other people in Blue Haven that can help me to solve all this problems. I spent $70,000 on my pool to be treated poorly and they washed their hands simple like that. I decided to build withBlue Haven and not with a local company thinking that they will take care of problems like this, for their #1 ranking and their reputation (that's what I thought them).
I know that I can not do anything about it only advise other people about this company and their terrible business model.
Please read all the complaint about Blue Haven posted on the internet. Google “Blue Haven complaints” for a large list of them or go directly to: ... haven.html ... 95531.html ... 025055.htm

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