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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Automatic cleaner

Postby PMJeff » Sun 03 May, 2009 16:09

Several months ago I began to have a problem with the automatic cleaner in my pool. Everytime the the pump would come on it would lose prime which would cause it to shut down. The only way I could get it to prime was if i disconected the hose and let the water run straight in the skimmer. I could then reattach the vaccumn and it would work properly until it was time for its next cycle. I was told to purchase a Vac-Mate which I did and installed. I have not had a priming problem since the VacMate was put in however sometime the vacumn is running intermittent in the pool. Does anyone have any experience with a Vac-Mate or losing prime in your pump? Please help.

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