Air Flow in fittings

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Air Flow in fittings

Postby lilsjon » Mon 04 May, 2009 13:14


I have an Intex metal frame 16x48 pool. This pool with comes with 1" 1/4 connectors in the intake and outlet connections. I wanted to a larger pump so I purchases a 2500 GPM pump that have 1" 1/2 connections on it. I had to also purchase the 1" 1/4 to 1" 1/2 hose adapters to be able to make the connections. These connectors have rubber sleeve on you have to slip them on to the pool fitting and hand tighten. When I connect the pool pump up and turn everything on I have maximum flow for a couple of minutes and then I get a loud air leak sound coming from the inbound connection to the pump. I have tighten the connector as tight as i can without breaking it but I still get this air leak. The water flow is greatly reduced when this happens.

I did notice that I only get this air leak when the skimmer is attached and do not get when it is not attached. Has anyone experienced this problem before and had any successes of getting this resolved?



Air Flow in fittings

Postby Mel » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 16:25

I am having this same issue. Have you received any tips?
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Air Flow in fittings

Postby Me... » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 16:55

Your 1.25" pipe is only good for about 30gpm or so before you start to get high losses and resistance. This is especially true on suction side plumbing. The excessive suction force maybe not only be drawing air it might be tearing the water apart inside the impeller which is called cavitation.

I bet yoru 2500 gpm pump is actually 2500 gph? Or about 41gpm?

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