Dynachlor Chlorinator

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Dynachlor Chlorinator

Postby tacoma5050 » Tue 05 May, 2009 10:00

Has anyone ever tried the Dynachlor Chlorinator? I am looking for reviews on how well it works or does not work. http://www.serviprofarm.com/poolchlorin ... achlor.htm

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Dynachlor Chlorinator

Postby Me... » Tue 05 May, 2009 11:45

That picture kills it for me. It is sucking chlorine into a pump which of course means the high chlorine content is going through any equipment. Of course it says for aboveground pools which most often have no heaters and/or other metal parts to them.

The idea is nothing new and if you can put a venturi on a bypass AFTER all your equipment you could suck the chlorine out of a gallon jug the same way quite safely IF it had a shutoff/adjusting valve AND a backcheck valve on the feed line. However most aboveground pool pumps might have a little trouble developing enough OOOMPH to create the suction required.

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