Cloudy water!!

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cloudy water!!

Postby Tancy123 » Tue 05 May, 2009 11:13


I have been trying to clear up my cloudy pool for almost 2 weeks now. I took a water sample to be tested and I am told the water is perfectly balanced. I purchased a clarifier, that did not work. I turned the cleaner upside down in the middle of the pool for over 24 hours to act as a drain and that did not clear it up.

The PSI on the pump is at 20 and it does not lower it when I backwash.

The pool is a 24ft above ground pool with a sand filter, the water temp is 72.

Please let me know what I should try to get the water to clear up!



Cloudy water!!

Postby Guest » Fri 22 May, 2009 20:19

If all you chemicals are reading correctly. Try POOL PERFECT Phos-Free. It just might work its expensive but worth it only if all your chemicals are reading correctly.

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