Pebble Tec Pool Bottum Stained

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Pebble Tec Pool Bottum Stained

Postby jhorne4 » Tue 05 May, 2009 15:51


I have a pebble tec pool, 20,000 gallons. I noticed when I reopened my pool this spring that the bottom of the pool seemed to have some algae stains or natural stains from leaves and such. I double shocked it used banish and balanced my pool, this did not get rid of it. It seems as if the bottom of the pool is stained slight green in splotchy patches. I can use a brush and it appears as if algae is being brushed up due to the green coming off the bottom, but the stain still remains. Any ideas to remove this stain? All my levels are fine just a little low cyraunic acid.


pool pros

Pebble Tec Pool Bottum Stained

Postby pool pros » Thu 14 May, 2009 22:21

We use a stain solution by The Jacks Magic company. The have every product available and test kits to test for the proper amount of stain solution in the pool at all times.

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