Carbon Monoxide ?

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Carbon Monoxide ?

Postby Guest » Wed 06 May, 2009 16:03

Could anyone tell me if salt water pools give off Carbon Monoxide? Or if any pools give this off?


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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Carbon Monoxide ?

Postby Me... » Thu 07 May, 2009 08:03

On the pool heaters maybe. In a bad installation, the carbon dioxide in the products of combustion must be vented out and away from the heater and any occupied areas. If the carbon dioxide is allowed to reenter the burners it will recombust and exit as carbon monoxide. Of course once this situation develops there is a deadly cycle in place. Your heater will not only become very inefficient it will also kill anyone who is breathing nearby just as surely as locking yourself in a garage with the car running.

Want to guess how many heaters I have shut down because I have seen this possibility? Its amazing. I actually once found a heater installed in the closet of the kids bedroom. Its really hard to believe the stupidity out there and that at some point there must be people calling themselves a pool service and a gas fitter that have seen these and allowed it to continue.

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