Cartridge filter problem

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cartridge filter problem

Postby fireman1173005 » Thu 07 May, 2009 21:40

I have an in ground pool that is 26,000 gal. I have a cartridge filter system with 4 big filters in it. I cleaned the filters about 4 weeks ago, soaked them in the filter cleaner then power washed them. Today when vacuuming the pool they did not seem to be filtering. The pool bottom is very dirty, solid layer of thin dirt. After 15 min. of vacuuming I could see that my hot tub water is now so dirty I can't see the bottom when the jets are on. Could the filters get that dirty that quick??? I only cleaned them 2 times last year but didn't let the pool get this dirty either. The filters are about 9 years old and while not looking so new they are in good shape, would the age matter??? Any suggestions for future reference? I plan to pull the filters in the next few days and clean them.


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Cartridge filter problem

Postby Me... » Fri 08 May, 2009 09:32

9 years is ancient in filter life. Filters have a bypass in them. A disc you can usually see on the inlet side that will have a spring and open if the filters get too dirty. Try and locate that and check it is still sealing. If it is warped or has something holding it open a bit then lots of junk will just pass right by the filter element.

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