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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Startup Problems

Postby Skitz » Sat 09 May, 2009 06:11

Hi New to the Forum, thought I'd get your input...

We have a 25000 gal outdoor pool at a small resort/lodge we run on well water

Out of the tap our water is high TA (240ish) and 7.2 PH

The local pool supplier told us to add a bucket load of Muriatic acid to bring down TA (we added 4 gal, another 2.5gal and last time we tested they told us to add another 3gal)

We got impatient because TA never dropped below 180 and the pool was getting extremely acidic (12 drops on the base demand test and still yellow) We added in 4Kg of Balance Pak 200 as per the tables and the Pool went cloudy

Now we have a cloudy pool and don't know what to do. They suggested Polysheen Blue -But that did nothing.

The impatience was also do the fact we as seasonal and the guests are arriving, we were going to live with the high TA and adjust it more slowly. As far as I remember we have always had high TA and enjoy a Stable 7.6 PH through the entire summer

Any thoughts welcome

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