Finally found the leak, now what?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Finally found the leak, now what?

Postby DataAve » Sat 09 May, 2009 10:15

Wanted one (pool) since I was a kid...Bought a house, got a pool. :D

Pool: Johnny Weissmuller Sahara Oval
Warranty: 40 years
Size: 15" x 24" x 52"
Purchased: 06/21/2004
Installed: 07/22/2004

Here is my problem:
We just finished my forth year of using our pool. I noticed year after year water level was dropping a little more. I also noticed my plants near the skimmer were dying...just in the one spot. I figured it just to be skimmer gasket and evaporation, but it started to seem like it (water level drop) was becoming more. When I took off the cover this year, April 26, 2009, there was less water than when I covered it (not severe tho) and it (water) was crystal clear. Plants on that side of pool now dead. As I was attaching hose to skimmer, I noticed a "BB" sized hole in the aluminum, right next to the skimmer. It was about an inch down from bottom of skimmer and about a half an inch over. Since there was a hole in the aluminum, the liner must have popped through. Put my finger on it, and sure enough, H2O.

Bummer! Strange also, that side of the pool there is a fence, plants (3-4 feet away) against fence. I live with only my girlfriend, and no one ever goes on that side of pool but me. My girlfriend says I give more attention to the pool than I do her, so I really take pride in the pool. I had done a search of the brand and notice another site with a family with the same issue and the same pool, except they have multiple "BB" sized holes. This has us worried. I emailed the company and wanted pictures. They said they would get back to me last week - they DID NOT.

Now that the pool is pea soup, I had started to empty (now as I write this). There is no way that water would ever become 'swimable'. What would be my best method of attack (on the pool-not the company)? I neither have the time nor money to fight them.

I was thinking, is it possible to get a larger skimmer, cutting the wall to the hole, and installing a new skimmer. The hole is about 2 inches below the existing skimmer, and less than a half an inch to the side. Is this possible and/or does anyone know what we can do to fix the hole?

Thanks for reading and would appreciate advice from you seasoned "poolers"

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