Bits from cordless screwdriver left on bottom of pool

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Bits from cordless screwdriver left on bottom of pool

Postby pooluver70 » Sat 09 May, 2009 13:51

When we opened our pool today we found there were 2 screwdriver bits left on the bottom of the pool sitting and corroding on the liner. These were left by the guys who closed our pool in the fall. We are down a considerable amount of water. My question is, can this be enough to eat a hole in the pool liner?

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Bits from cordless screwdriver left on bottom of pool

Postby floridapooltech » Tue 18 May, 2010 16:24

the bits themselves will most likely only leave rust stains where they sat. however, it is possible the bit's have poked holes in the liner itself if an automatic cleaner or something were to run over it or drag it across the bottom. Do you notice the liner separating away from the floor or walls in that area? you should see it bubbling up if this were the case. Otherwise, you may just have a leak in the lines or this is just natural evaporation.
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