Vacuum to waste??

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Vacuum to waste??

Postby silvernblac1 » Sun 10 May, 2009 21:03

I'm a new pool owner and do not undersatand what vac to waste means, I canot find any switches or setting the i can see, I have a pressurized tank with the filter in it, any ideas or help is appreciated. :crazy:


Vacuum to waste??

Postby tigervet436 » Mon 18 May, 2009 23:12

vacuum to waste refers to moving the valve on the filter to waste position and running the vacuum. This pumps the vacuumed water out of the pool.
What kind of pool and filter do you have ? sounds like it takes a cartridge is it above ground? If thats the case it may not be able to bypass the filter and directly discard vacuumed water.


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