Stained steps

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.

Stained steps

Postby eplowman » Mon 11 May, 2009 21:34

My steps look brown. What could be causing that?

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Stained steps

Postby mommytanyaof2 » Sun 31 May, 2009 19:44

Mine too...we had a bad algae outbreak and since adding the algacide and shock, my steps are now a dark yellow- brown and also it looks like dirt color stains in my shallow end. I need help too!!!
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Stained steps

Postby whosyer12 » Fri 05 Jun, 2009 08:15

Sounds like you need ascorbic acid powder. One lb treats approx 10,000 gallons. VERY EXPEnSIVE--but you'll be amazed at how quickly + completely it works! Available under various name brands such as Stain Free and Scorb Out-- Pool Stores in my town sell these for about $45-50 for a two pound bottle. Same thing can be found on the internet for about $30 +shipping & handling. I have seen it liste for as low as about $11 a lb on a few health food, vitamin and supplement sites--look around. Again--this stuff works like MAGIC--you won't believe it.

One BIG caveat though--you need to follow up your acid treatment promptly with a Metals removing/sequestering chemical (such as Metal Free or Metal Magnet--also expensive)--if you don't your stains will start coming back in just a few days!

Stained steps

Postby robertj » Fri 17 Jul, 2009 19:16

Hi I am having the same problem.. my problem started with low ph and I had to increase the water hardness; those levels are close to being back to normal but in the meanwhile my steps and liner have become stained; I have a pool heater and have read this may be causing metal in the water.. when the pool store tested for metal they said it was showing twice the normal; they sold me metal free which I have put in pool but the stains are still there.. do i now buy stain free to remove the staining? or am i ona wild chemical chase with the pool store? From reading what you have above, they shoud have sold me teh stain free first then the metal free.. Thanks I appreciate any help!the pool looks awful my email is [email protected]

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