Sand stone edging

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Sand stone edging

Postby andyl » Mon 11 May, 2009 22:18


This is my first posting, and i am looking for some help.

We bought our house a year ago it has a salt pool with a sand stone coping. As result i am getting a lot of sand deposit at the bottom of the pool as the salt is clearly eating away at the stone. Can anyone recommend anything to seal the stone?



Sand stone edging

Postby Surface-Renewal » Fri 25 Mar, 2011 16:51

There sure is. I use a masonry sealer from Glaze n Seal. Laquer Sealer. It can be applyed with a paint brush, take great care as to NOT get any on the other surfaces that you don't want sealed. If you do your going to have to by there stripper as well. Here's a few pictures to show you what it will look like.


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