Cover collapsed,Spring clean-up

Water bugs, swimming insects and sweat bees.
Foaming bubbly water. Frogs in the pool.
Dead animals in the swimming pool.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Cover collapsed,Spring clean-up

Postby thewebb » Tue 12 May, 2009 12:46

Have a 24'dia. pool, drained all but a foot or so of water(with shop-vac)...problem now is how do i get all the dead leaves and sticks out that fell in when i pulled my cover out?
I guess I'll have to get a water hauling service to fill at least half and then fill the rest with my septic.The water is real gross from the dead leaves and bugs

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Pool Enthusiast
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Cover collapsed,Spring clean-up

Postby Bjorn » Thu 18 Jun, 2009 17:38

You've probably done it, but you have to filter your pool mechanically with a poolnet. Then add water and various chemical products and so one. Tell us how far you have come now?

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