Chlorine Granules

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Chlorine Granules

Postby steq184 » Tue 12 May, 2009 13:34

Normally I use Chlorine tablets and put in my auto chlorinator, have by accident ordered online and received chlorine mistake.
What can I do to use these?
I have a above ground wooded pool with sand filter and heater if that helps.
Hope you can help


Chlorine Granules

Postby Grodan » Sun 17 May, 2009 21:59

I found this pool shock here, Is the blitz chlorine free pool shock good to get?
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Chlorine Granules

Postby Bjorn » Wed 17 Jun, 2009 16:31

You have to test the water chlorine level and (daily) add up chlorine to the right level. Once you've used you granular chlorine, you can switch to your favorite chlorhydric product. Personally I think granulated chlorine is easier to use. :wink:

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