Need help ASAP!! could save me some $

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 25000 gal inground 18x32?

Need help ASAP!! could save me some $

Postby jcarmi04 » Tue 12 May, 2009 19:44

thanks for reading - and thanks for any help/advice. (as my pool is slowly turning more and more green).

anyway, i thought my kreepy krauly vac was broke, as i ran the vac through my "filter" setting and the pressure dropped from 15psi to 7ish. i took it apart and put it back together, and nothing. i took off the green circular fin and it relieved a bit of weight, and worked for a bit, but stopped - and didnt work well.

i tested vac'ing my pool with the setting on "waste" and my vac works! it moves as well as it should, which is good and bad. (good cause theyre expensive, bad cause i dont know what is goin on).

please PLEASE help!

*inground pool, ~25,000 gal, 16x32?!, one "suction" valve in the skimmer basket (ie, only one pipe running from the ground to my filter/motor) ... what else?!

thanks thanks thanks again-jamie

Pool Care Proficient
Pool Care Proficient
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My Pool: ingound, 50,000L, gas heated, low energy pump and cartridge filter
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Need help ASAP!! could save me some $

Postby Aquaclear-NZ » Tue 19 May, 2009 04:17

assuming its a DE filter you have, when was the last time you cleaned the septums ?
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