Pipe, equipment sizing question

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Pipe, equipment sizing question

Postby L_Cubed » Wed 13 May, 2009 07:36

I have a 15'x33' indoor, inground pool, about 25,000 gallons.
1 main drain at bottom of deep end, 1 skimmer, 2 return ports (1 in deep end, 1 in shallow).
The main drain runs to pump room, the skimmer runs to pump room, the returns are tied together somewhere and run in a single line to the pump room. All lines are run in 1 1/2" PVC.

The pump is a "DAYTON" with a 1HP motor, the filter is a 24" Jacuzzi Sandtrap Sand Filter, the heater is a 125K Laars Series One

The pump -- has seized, the pump housing is cast-iron, rusted and pitted, I assume from the chemicals used in the pool and from sitting idle.
The Filter -- is leaking around the valve to tank seal, at the diverter to port seal, and up in the handle. I cannot find the valve seals for the Jacuzzi because they are out of business and parts are scarce.
The heater -- has caused problems in the past with the millivolt generator, and has been replaced last year, but now won't generate the needed voltage to keep the gas valve open for the pilot to stay lit.

I don't want to spend all year this year babysitting the equipment. I want to enjoy the pool!! I've decided it is time to bite the bullet.
I am looking at:
PUMP -- JANDY FloPro 1HP, SF 1.25
FILTER -- JANDY CS250K cartridge filter
HEATER -- JANDY Lite2 125K
Based on what I have read, this should all work for the pool and is sized appropriately (if anything the filter may be a bit large).

All of this equipment comes with 2" ports. However, my pool lines are 1 1/2".

Should I combine the main drain and skimmer and up the piping to 2", then run 2" plumbing in the pump room to connect the equipment and then reduce it to 1 1/2" for the return to the pool


Can all the equipment be tied together with 1 1/2" pipe in equipment room, using 2" to 1 1/2" reducers at each port of each piece of equipment? What are the ramifications to the pump performance by changing the line size at each piece of equipment?

Does the choice of equipment seem appropriate?

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Pipe, equipment sizing question

Postby Me... » Wed 13 May, 2009 08:26

You are limited by the pool fittings anyways so all should be fine. A good 3/4 hp pump would be fine and personally I would choose another 24" sand filter. A 30" would be fine but you would need to make sure your pump will do about 70gpm in order to backwash it. That would be the 1hp pump but it would be pumping against excess resistance in filter mode and just generally costing more money for not any improved performance.

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