Will ''hth'' super concentrated clarifier effect the clorine

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Will ''hth'' super concentrated clarifier effect the clorine

Postby junebugg » Thu 14 May, 2009 18:42

i just bought a house and the above ground swimming pool has been siting ( with water) for 3 years
so you can imange the mess i had
it's a 13,600 gallon round above ground pool
anyways we got all the algie out and shocked with hth grans clorine
it got milky but would never clear up
took a water sample to an pool supply store and she told me to keep my clorine up tp 20 ppm for 3 days
afret that it was still milky we used 25+ lbs of thr hth clorine grands ( it was free od owner of the house gave us about 100 lbs
any ways this after noon i put in the hth super concertrated clarifier about 6oz and it started clearing up better but now i have a zero reading for clorine
any help is needed im kinda new about the pool thing

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Will ''hth'' super concentrated clarifier effect the clorine

Postby chem geek » Sat 16 May, 2009 13:08

The HTH Chlorinating Granules are Cal-Hypo so increase Calcium Hardness (CH) which can make the water cloudy if your water is already saturated with calcium carbonate. Normally, your CH is lower in an above-ground pool, but perhaps you started with hard water.

Anyway, the clarifier shouldn't affect the chlorine levels unless the amount used was very high and the chlorine started to oxidize it (seems unlikely -- is more of a problem with metal sequestrants and with algaecide).

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