Can high levels of salt chlorine damage liner pool?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can high levels of salt chlorine damage liner pool?

Postby Piccolo » Fri 15 May, 2009 06:28

I have an inground liner pool which is bubbling along the sides, not the ends. There are also a couple of almost folds as well. The pool is salt water and is only just over a year old. The installer says I must have thrown large amounts of chlorine in to make it bubble like that - looks as though someone has used a blow torch on the liner. By the way, the pool is heated and has a good thick cover. Needless to say I have not thrown any chlorine into the pool.

A friend who looks after a few pools says its a load of nonsense and chlorine couldn´t have done this.

HELP! I just don´t know. Have searched internet but can only find answers to problems with low levels of salt/chlorine, nothing about too much.

If it is excessive amounts of chlorine, how much would have been needed to do this and could continued excesses make holes in the liner?

Many thanks.

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