Pentair Tagelus Filter Valve rebuild

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Pentair Tagelus Filter Valve rebuild

Postby rreynolds » Fri 15 May, 2009 12:19

Hello all,

Before someone else says it I will. This is an ID10T problem. LOL!

I am replacing just the valve part in a Tagelus valve, not the entire valve body. I removed the valve from the body and then the handle from the valve. This releases the valve. My problem? I did not make note of the orientation of the handle in respect to the valve. There is no sort of keying on the assemble so now it can go back together two different ways. There is a dome portion of the valve and a single triangular hole in the valve. I can only reassemble it the thing with the handle indicator/lock pointed towards the Filter selection. I can however turn the actual valve piece either with the triangular hole beneath the Filter selection or the Backwash selection. First am I being clear enough for anyone to understand and second, does anyone know the correct orientation? Any help would be greatly appreciated and of great value in maintaining domestic tranquility in my household! HELP ME!!!!

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Pentair Tagelus Filter Valve rebuild

Postby Me... » Tue 19 May, 2009 09:30

Look at this owners manual. It has a pic to show positioning.

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