Weak new Pump

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Weak new Pump

Postby mrgobar » Sun 17 May, 2009 10:36

My pump's suction is weak. The pressure is high (20 - 25 psi). I've already cleaned the filters. Last year it ran about 15 - 20 psi and suction was excellent. This is only the second summer for this pump. Any ideas as to what is wrong and how I can fix it?

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Weak new Pump

Postby Me... » Tue 19 May, 2009 09:35

Sand Filter? Operate it in "recirculate" and see if suction improves. If it does then the filter media is dirty. Try a 2-3 minute backwash then filter for a few minutes. Repeat a couple of times and if it improves then you are probably not backwashing often enough.

If the recirculate improves the flow and the backwashing doesn't, then you need to remove your dial valve and check the sand. Could be replacing just the top 6-12 inches might help but it might all need to be changed, you just have to see.

Cartridge and DE filters could be the grids/covers or cartridge are plugging up or need replacing.
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Weak new Pump

Postby megabyte29 » Sun 24 May, 2009 15:18

Yeah sounds like your system is dirty. Also check the pump basket make sure its not clogged. If your using cartridges you have to clean them real well not just wash them. Soak them in cleaner solution made for the cartridges to get the oils off them. Cartridges will last a long time if you clean them. Sand and DE just replace the media and clean the fingers iwith above method.

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