Need help with getting new pool cleaner

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Need help with getting new pool cleaner

Postby heavensoldier » Sun 17 May, 2009 17:38

Hello, can anyone please recommend a good pool cleaner? It will be a pool cleaner for my Mom. We had a Aquabot Turbo but it broke. I guess the machine tried to eat the cord when it was left unattended. Therefore, that must be one main priority, I would love having a device that does not eat its own cord. It is for my Mom so it needs to be easy to use and clean and preferably fast. I was looking at a Aquabot Bravo, Viva, or Blue Diamond since I heard they are the better ones. I was really hoping there would be a bagless pool cleaner, like the bagless vacuum cleaners, that would be neat, but I don't know if a product like that is in the works. Thanks again.


Need help with getting new pool cleaner

Postby tigervet436 » Mon 18 May, 2009 22:59

polaris 380 is a good cleaner but it does require a booste pump ..... mine is 3 years old with no problems and it works fantastic

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