Pump won't prime

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Pump won't prime

Postby Guest » Mon 18 May, 2009 12:39

Our pump was working great until we vacummed. The basket was filled with debris so we cleaned that and even got a new basket. Since then, the pump will not prime. We've filled the pump basket with water, cleaned the filter again, had the pipes blown in case DE was stuck, and it will not prime. A pool maintenance company came by to check all the O rings and said everything looks great and will work using their pump. They've suggested that we may have a leak somewhere and we should call a leak specialist. The pool is not losing any water.
Do we need a leak specialist?
What other things can we try?

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Pump won't prime

Postby Denali » Thu 21 May, 2009 05:28


I wouldn't call in a leak specialist until you check out a few things

1. Remove the pump basket and reach in (equipment off!!) so you can feel the impeller. Often debris gets wrapped around the impeller and can prevent the pump from priming.

2. Pick up a drain jet (cheap device that hooks to the end of a garden hose). Put it into the suction line at the skimmer and turn it on. The jet swells up and forces water toward the pump. See if any debris shows up in the pump basket. Also check for any signs of leaks as the water goes through the pump.

Try those two things and see if it does anything for you.

Good luck.

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