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COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby meganmole » Wed 02 Sep, 2009 22:38

I can-t find the Coverstar mannual for troubleshooting. Where is the switch for freewheeling. My ropes are so tight the cover won't move. Please tell me where to look so I dont have to call the dreaded coverstar people.


COVERSTAR pool cover rope

Postby jimsbiz » Mon 07 Sep, 2009 13:05

More damaged rope.. I relate to BC Green's rope issue. My indoor four year old CoverStar pool rope has 20 feet of extra length on each rope. When the ropes wind up on their reels -depending on how each rope overlaps itself on its reel -one rope's effective length will be longer than the others' and will result in slack rope flopping around on the longer rope's reel as the pool is uncovered.

As the rope winds on the reel, the reel diameter increases and can get to the point where the flopping slack rope can get pinched in the gap between the reel and the reel frame. Usually the motor is strong enough to pull the slack rope back out of the gap when the pool cover is reversed but the braided cover of the rope would have received some cut or fray damage from the pinch. The fraying will grow with continued use of the pool cover until the braided rope cover completely separates at the point where the pinch occurred. The frayed rope then can snag and break or the remaining rope core may just be too weak and break.

If there were less extra rope length to start with there would be less chance for the flopping slack to be pinched, as the effective diameter of the reel would be smaller than when it is fully wound with the extra rope length.

Has anyone found the equivalent replacement rope yet? I have examined the rope installed by CoverStar and it appears to have a 1/4" diameter polyester braided cover over an unbraided aramid or similar material core, but I have yet to find such on the market.

Also, has anyone found the procedure for replacing the ropes?

Question- is the extra rope length meant to increase the chance of rope pinch?

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby outdoorben » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 18:43

We have had a coverstar pool cover for about 8 years now. Haven't had any problems with the rope or main mechanisms, BUT:

1) key switch -- it wore out. I was going to replace it myself, but was really busy and had a pool party coming up. That stinking little switch cost $300.00 to replace! A team of two to replace the switch? I asked my wife "what is the most ridiculous amount you can imagine for that switch?" She said "$150.00". I said "double it" and she about hit the floor...

2) cover longevity part 1 -- no such thing. Our pool is on the south side of our house and it gets a lot of sun. Despite all their claims of longevity, the first lasted 3.5 years before is started cracking and leaking a ridiculous amount of water (very unsafe). Luckily, it was still under warranty so it didn't cost us an arm and a leg. However, to replace the whole cover (if it had been out of warranty) would have cost more than hiring a pool man for the entire time we owned the cover!

3) cover longevity part 2 -- despite their claims that we "got a bad batch of vinyl," our second cover started to crack again at just 3 years. Luckily, I found a product called 303 protectant that is a sunscreen for your stuff. That and some spot patching and we are nursing it along into year 4.5. This is despite Coverstar telling is to not put ANYTHING on the cover except for their special screen to the tune of hundreds of dollars per year as part of an incredibly overpriced "service call" that they "highly recommend". Sorry... I can clean out the leaves myself. Just tell me what the best sunscreen is for your short-live product! (BTW, I'm going to DOUSE my next cover from day one with sunscreen...)

4) The plastic runners that are on each side of the bar that spans the pool -- they wore out. I called Coverstar about replacements. They wanted $55.00 each! This is a poorly milled piece of plastic. I was fed-up at that point, so I went to a local plastics place and got some scrap. I then "milled" it on my table saw. A couple of hours later, I had 6 sets for $15.00 and some labor.

So, while I really like having a pool cover, I cannot recommend coverstar. Is there a better alternative? I don't know.

BTW, when this cover finally wears out, I'm going to try and find a local awning expert to make me a new one by copying the one I have.

Helping Hand

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby Helping Hand » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 21:03

meganmole wrote:I can-t find the Coverstar mannual for troubleshooting. Where is the switch for freewheeling. My ropes are so tight the cover won't move. Please tell me where to look so I dont have to call the dreaded coverstar people.

All of the instruction manuals are posted on the Coverstar Central web site free to review & down load. There are also several instructional videos you can watch to learn more about how the cover operates. If there is a particular item your looking for instruction on, please e-mail customer service and let them know what they can help you with. I hope this helps resolve your issue.

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby Guest » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 21:09


COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby rksmyth » Tue 15 Sep, 2009 16:24

I checked with angie's list after getting burned myself and found coverstar central has an f rating. so i called the other guy in town and had decent results, but i had to beg them to service it because they didn't want to touch it.

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby khorsley » Sat 19 Sep, 2009 17:52

bcgreene1 wrote:OK Pool Buddies....Thanks for all your replies to my COVERSTAR pool cover rope problem. I finanlly located a manufacturer of the type of the rope used on the automatic cover and it is stronger than the ones that COVERSTAR uses. I have it on order. Also, I have made some tabs. As soon as the rope gets here, I am going to sew the tabs on the ropes and install it. I will keep you informed. As you know, your pool will open without the ropes. So I have tied a rope to the metal tube and put the switch in free wheeling and you can close the pool by manually pulling the rope. I know this works with my 31X16 pool. This will give you a temporary fix. And the H*** with COVERSTAR !!!

can u give the name of the rope dealer you found

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby r-u-sure » Mon 21 Sep, 2009 13:53

Good luck....Hope you got a non-aramid rope.....

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby Marina » Tue 22 Sep, 2009 15:15

Use Pool Cover Specialists pool covers, ropes don't break!!! They have more give and flexibility. You can go on their website, that's where I got mine and it works like a charm! :D

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby diana » Tue 22 Sep, 2009 15:19

I would go with Pool Cover Specialists, Inc. Their products and service are great.

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