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pool fence not right

Postby pool fence » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 01:44

Joe Kohaut wrote:I will let everyone I know and spread this news about this poorly designed product and poorly run company that does not stand behind their product. These ropes are a design flaw and they will not stand behind their product. If I can prevent 1 person from getting a pool cover installed by Performance pools of Minnesota and/or Coverstar, I will be a little relieved. My ain is to prevent at least 10 people from amking that mistake.

Any problems with fences installed by the pool company? We know of them putting in fence in a way that is not consistent with the manufacturer's specifications. Worst part is that they are unaccountable and want to try to make it about something else. Footings are supposed to go 42" below grade in MN/WI, but they put them in about 12-18" deep and then keep repeating that the fence is installed correctly. Unbelievable. Would never recommend.


COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby Guest » Tue 24 Aug, 2010 16:58

Well I just had the rope replaced on one side, and one slider. I was charged $68.00 for the slider, plus labor :shock: ! Unbelievable. How can some small piece cost this much? It's not going on the Space Shuttle. And $159.97 for 125 feet of rope. If it happens again I am going to McGyver something else to open and close the pool.
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COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby CoverGuyIndy » Tue 24 Aug, 2010 18:34

Pool User wrote:Well I just had the rope replaced on one side, and one slider. I was charged $68.00 for the slider, plus labor :shock: ! Unbelievable. How can some small piece cost this much? It's not going on the Space Shuttle. And $159.97 for 125 feet of rope. If it happens again I am going to McGyver something else to open and close the pool.

It doesn't cost that much to produce. From your post I would venture to say you have a Coverstar underguide system. And your final bill (if only one rope and slider were replaced) was a little over $500.

If you live within central Indiana I can do this job for $150 + a reasonable travel charge to where ever you are located using kevlar braided ropes that are guaranteed for 3 years :D . I also install replacement covers as well as other common repair or service issues.

If you own an automatic pool cover, you are already aware of the need for regular maintenance. My small company has over 15 yrs of experience installing and repairing pool covers.

Some of our most common calls for repairs are:
Broken ropes, wheels/sliders.
Motors and key switches including hydraulic units.
Misalignment or cover system needs adjusted.
Cover cleaning and annual preventive maintenance.

We also install factory replacement covers that are ASTM certified.

Above all else we CAN save you money today. Other companies charge over $400 just to pull into your driveway, without ever performing a single repair. And sometime take 2-3 weeks or longer just to get you on their schedule. We can typically get your system repaired in 48hrs or less.

We also never require a credit card just to schedule a service appointment. Our typical service call costs 1/2 what other companies charge. All of our service is backed up with a 1 year workmanship warranty. No questions asked. We are licensed and insured.

Call me Robert and we can take care of any issue you may be having.

That is the advertisement I have been running this year. So far this year I have over 170 satisfied customers. We talk to you honestly and straight forward. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to fix your issue and save you money.
Coverstar owner

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby Coverstar owner » Thu 26 Aug, 2010 00:17

I have a Coverstar Poolcover system and have never had a problem. I was given an instruct on how to operate and maintain the entire system, that must be the difference. Keeping the drain clean and clear in the vault where the cover rolls up is common sense, there is electricity there and water does not mix well with electricity. Also, ropes that pull the cover are powered by an electrical motor, if the switch is turned the wrong way or if someone tries to operate the cover in the dark, seems to me that the ropes would be easy to break. A little maintenance goes a long way, how cliche? Good luck people, oh by the way your car needs maintenance too, Sorry!
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COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby broth28 » Tue 31 Aug, 2010 13:48

Coverguyindy can you please get in contact with you?
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COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby dlarson » Thu 02 Sep, 2010 13:55

I am the president of Coverstar LLC, the manufacturer of the automatic pool cover that has received comments in this forum.

We were made aware of this forum back in 2009 and, while we have not previously posted any entries, we, along with some of our independent distribution and service providers have tried to reach out to those individuals who have left negative comments to understand the issues and try to help.

Overall, I am pleased with the service levels offered by our dealers and am satisfied that they are doing a great job of caring for their customers. However, if you have had a different experience, we would like to hear about it.

I wanted to provide some additional detail and clarify a few points about the product itself that I think will be useful for you. As can be expected, some of the facts are being overshadowed by the number posts left by competitors, well intentioned resellers and others.

There are many things that can cause a rope to break. All autocover manufacturers to my knowledge deal with an occasional broken rope. These breaks are often the result of excess stress on the system. Among other things, stress can be caused by objects that impede the cover from moving such as a toy or ladder. A break can also be caused by bumping the cover too hard when closing or opening the system. Water on top of the cover or low pool water level can also increase the amount of stress on the system.

Every manufacturer to my knowledge has built into its system a mechanical or electronic device to help prevent the motor, brackets or ropes from being damaged if the system encounters excess stress. Our system is equipped with such a device that can be adjusted to prevent damage in case of system stress. Periodic cleaning and maintenance is also important as dirt and debris can prevent the cover from operating as designed and block appropriate drainage. For more information on all of these topics, review the use and care guide that was provided with your system or contact us.

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with the most innovative and reliable pool cover products available on the market. We were pleased several years ago to release a rope into the market that was significantly stronger in many ways than the industry standard. This rope is being used on tens of thousands of pools around the world without any issues. However, we are constantly identifying new ways to improve our rope as well as the other components of our systems and will continue to bring to market new and innovative product enhancements.

We believe in and stand behind our products. If you have encountered a problem or frustration, we encourage you to voice your concerns by contacting me directly, John Bacon, VP of Sales, or one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-617-7283.


Doug Larson
Coverstar LLC

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby indyhomeowner » Thu 09 Sep, 2010 15:12

My ropes broke this year. I was shocked at the price. So, I went to the local Coverstar dealer located at 7161 E. 86th in Indianapolis. I spoke with John St. Clair (President). I walked out $400 poorer, but I am very glad that John and some others at the dealer gave me some very useful installation advice. The advice helped me avoid replacing the ropes a 2nd time. Plus, I was able to purchase a rope kit to upgrade my existing cover system.
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COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby jacksonman » Fri 10 Sep, 2010 13:46

Anyone who charges $400 for about 160 feet of rope should have a hard time sleeping at night. Ridiculous and absurd. It's not like this rope is so sacred that it is used to hold the Space Shuttle together. It is nice to know the Coverstar guy is here to hear from his customers and has offered a contact person. However as long as I have to turn to a Coverstar supplier to buy ridiculously expense parts, I feel justified in posting to this public forum.
tom the pool man

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby tom the pool man » Tue 28 Sep, 2010 08:56

eastcoast wrote:
jimsbiz wrote:BCGreene1 you da man! There are an abundance of appropriate ropes available through West Marine here in the Seattle area, but you may have a monopoly on the "How to" install the new rope. I can't find any info on how to attach the rope to the cover. Wouls you please share your findings about how to attach the new rope? I am particularly interested in the tabs you have made.

Can you please tell me exactly what the rope is called? I would like to order some. You wouldnt' believe my story ----the eastcoast coverstar rep came out to look at our cover which was jammed, snipped the rope with scissors then told us it will cost $800 to replace!

the rope is called spectra core 2000psi non stretch.

COVERSTAR pool cover

Postby DL » Thu 07 Oct, 2010 08:07

The Coverstar problem is one of the worst purchases I have made. It broke down about 3 times after initially being installed, but fortunately our contractor dealt with this. It came off the tracking about 12 months ago and we had the service people in to sort this problem out and carry out a general service. One week later (and after the second occasion on which we used the cover), it broke down, but the service people insisted that this was coincidental and charged me for a second visit. The rope came off the pulley about two weeks ago. I found another engineer to "fix" the problem. The engineer came on the Friday, I used the pool on the Saturday guessed it...the rope (which apparently was a new one) snapped when I tried to close the cover.

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