Pool is green and cloudy

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Pool is green and cloudy

Postby sunvalley144 » Thu 21 May, 2009 05:52

My pool will not clear up

i do have a metal problem with my pool, 3 weeks ago added 3 quarts of conquest to sequest metals. i sent bottom cloud substance to waste. shocked it turned brown, added more conquest. shocked it again and turned green then cleared up exept for the cloudyness. the color of the pool looks right but it is cloudy. yesterday i repalced the filter media ( zeobrite) with new media. shocked it and it turned green again, i cant get it to clear up.

FC 2 ppm
TC 1 ppm
PH 7.2
copper 0
calcium 289
cyanuric acid 7
hardness 289

24000 gallon inground concrete

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Pool is green and cloudy

Postby azpoolpros » Fri 22 May, 2009 17:46

Could be the zeobrite. Every pool I've ever serviced that had zeobrite in the filter has had nothing but problems. I recommend replacing the zeobrite with sand and make sure your cya levels are up around 60ppm, not sure what 7 means...

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