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Sand filter

Postby soonralum » Thu 21 May, 2009 16:04

I am changing from a cartridge filter to sand in a 22k gal pool. Want information and comparisons on Hayward, Waterway, Ranger and Pentair. Does not need to be the best, but the best value. Any to stay away from?

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Sand filter

Postby Me... » Fri 22 May, 2009 11:04

They all work the same. Sand filtration is more a matter of not overdriving the filter media and even more important is proper backwash flow rates.

Structurally there is a huge difference. I would stay away from plasticy feeling Blowmoulded tanks and use one built from Fiberglass. I love Pentair equipment and would use a TR or Triton filter but for a little less money the Tagelus series is also fine. There is the choice of side or top mount dial valves which really has no operational difference, simply installation and preference.

What is your system flowrate? Find the surface area on the sand filter in question. The filter will probably say it is good for 20gpm per sq.ft. of surface area. Ignore that. Try for 10-12gpm per sq.ft. In other words if the filter has a 3 sq.ft. surface area you will be looking for about 36gpm flow on filter mode. When you put it into backwash mode there will be no resistance and the flow will naturally increase to about 45gpm or thereabouts. That is 15gpm per sq.ft. of filter surface area and a perfect backwash rate.

Imagine pumping 20gpm in filter against the resistance of filters, heaters, chlorinators, piping, return fittings etc. When you put it into backwash mode where there is no resistance you stand a good chance of increasing the flow to a point the sand actually gets pumped out of the filter and down your sewer line. The sand storm taking place inside the filter is actually sandblasting the inside of your tank.

*end of rant*

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