Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby azpoolpros » Fri 22 May, 2009 18:51

Every pool that I have ever serviced with zeobest, or zeobrite, has had nothing but problems.


Drained a pool due to green water plus it was very hard. with new water I raised cya to 60ppm and shocked and it was good for 3 weeks when all the sudden the pool turned green. told my customer must be the sand, he say's "no no I just replaced it with the world famous zeobest a few months ago". so I says ok and shocked the pool super hard using trichlor, even though it had like 10ppm+ chl. -- 1 week later the pool looked the same so I took the liberty to open the filter and look at the media and it was that zeobest stuff, had a bunch of clumps, looked and felt like clay, so I removed as much of the clay stuff as I could and the next week the pool looked great. But 1 week later it was green again...with 10ppm+ chl. Would have like to have figured it out but the customer fired me, maybe they thought I had somehow caused this problem.

I have had many other cases like this. I know not to use special additives with zeobest like algaecides and clearifier as this just adds to the problem. Just recently I had the same problem as above, but this time instead of recommending to the customer to have the sand changed I tried to "treat" the media with the annual treatment and I think it just made the problem worse.

So if you have had problems like this please share, I feel like I'm the only person that hates this stuff. Is there something I'm overlooking????


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