Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

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TSH Tech

Part 2

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 24 Jun, 2011 21:23

A company by the name of Bio-Dex makes a cleaning agent specifically designed for Zeo products. We haven't tested that product yet, but will do so in the next summer season year.

Zeobrite offers the clarity of a DE type filter with the maintenance of a sand filter. Uhhh, yes and no. We have found that cleaning the Zeobrite before each swimming season must be performed without exception. Pools that have high frequency of becoming dirty, with oak trees and other high oily shedding shrubbery must be cleaned 2 times a year without exception.

Zeobrite's secret to filtration is keeping it's pores 'rough' and 'jagged', chemicals such as water clarifiers, liquid algaecides or other chemicals that trap inside the filter clog those pores rending Zeobrite pretty much useless and the pool will cloud up or turn green which ever comes first. Regular backwashing and physical cleaning of the media is a must for Zeobrite in order to maintain a crystal clear pool.

Nowhere is this information readily available, I had to discover this for myself in my kitchen labratory and experiment on my own clients :thumbdown: Eventually I found the answer and I hope this information helps all of you. It's not a bad product, it just needs maintenance that regular beach sand does not require.

-Tech "G", TSH

TSH Tech

GREEN Zeobrite

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 24 Jun, 2011 21:48

Karen wrote: I opened my filter and couldn't believe the "pea soup" that existed there. The Zeobrite was completely green. It was disgusting. The top layer of water in the filter was relatively clear, but as I removed the Zeobrite and got to the bottom I was afraid for my health! I just replaced the Zeobrite with sand, and within a few hours the pool water is clearing up. Thank you!!!

When cleaning our clients filters, we discovered this phenomenon: "Green Zeobrite". It's simply a discoloration, the product is not destroyed by any means.
Brand new, it is white, but should you discover it turned green as Karen discovered, hope it not lost. Zeobrite discolors when there is copper present. Copper in pools comes in very basic forms, copper pipes, pool heaters and copper-based algaecides. I experimented with a Muriatic Acid type cleaning hoping to whiten the Zeobrite, only to find the discoloration is permanent. However, it did perform a very deep cleaning of the product. I don't advise this type of cleaning due to the sheer danger of messing with acid. Bio-Dex Zeo Filter Cleaner is perfect for the job. Green Zeobrite 'n all! :thumbup:

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby Harvey » Sun 06 May, 2012 18:51

I have had no problems. If you read all the comments it is obviously that it is a user caused problem, the "pool specialist" did not know how to use the product .


Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby BeckyB » Sun 10 Jun, 2012 17:48

I have have had my 24' above ground pool for 5 years. It was installed with Zeobest sand and I have never, ever had a problem with it. I've never even had to shock it during the swim season. Only to open and close. This year is the only time I can't get it clear. Pool guy says its time to change the sand. Other than that it's worked like a dream.
TSH Tech

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby TSH Tech » Mon 11 Jun, 2012 02:31

Every pool is different. I attribute my experience when making the following statements; Some pools are problem free with Zeo-sand and typically have little to no vegetation planted around the pool. Other pools with Zeo-sand simply crash out green on a whim due to excessive tree sap & shedding, plant shedding, lawn services blowing debris into the pool because they're too lazy to remove the debris, all create problems with Zeo-sand.

Update - The pools mentioned in my previous posts have all had their Zeo-sand removed and regular sand filled. It has been determined these particular pools encounter unusual amounts of sap and vegetation shedding, making Zeo-Sand a poor choice in filtering media for these pools, given their surroundings. The improvement of water clarity since switching to regular sand was significant requiring normal backwashing to clean the filter.
On the flip side, we have additional customers running Zeo-Sand that a experiencing no problems with the filter media.

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby bugcollections » Thu 14 Jun, 2012 20:18

I found this thread searching for problems with zeo sand. I have had zeo sand for three years (4th pool season) and am having the non-filtering problems as described by others. Pool perfectly balanced with chems and relatively high chlorine readings will not clear up after brushing and shocking the last time. Filter simply appears to be not filtering. So what do I do: Replace the zeo sand, trash the zeo sand and replace with regular sand, attempt to clean the zeo and if so what is the best method? Help. Would mention that I am in east Texas with lots of trees and vegetation in the neighborhood and all around the pool.
TSH Tech

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby TSH Tech » Fri 15 Jun, 2012 19:22

bugcollections wrote: Would mention that I am in east Texas with lots of trees and vegetation in the neighborhood and all around the pool.

^^^ That combination is not a good match for Zeo sand. I would highly suggest your take out the Zeo sand, trash it, put it in the garden and just go with regular plain 'ole filter sand. This will save your lots of trouble so you will spend more time enjoying your pool.

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby LovePool » Thu 05 Jul, 2012 09:20

Karen: When Zeo is wet it is green (even dry Zeo has a hint of grey/green).

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby ksap » Tue 17 Jul, 2012 14:48

I am a recent user of zeobrite and concur with many others on their problems. Had an old sand filter that burst, was told zeobrite was the way to go. First season was subpar (took a long time to clear up after shocking), but figured the filter needed time to 'age' and increase filtration capacity.

This year was much worse, green pool, but not algae....a blue/green color that won't go away. I finally opened up the filter and it was AWEFUL! Hardened zeobrite that was filthy, despite back washing. I mechanically rinsed all material and backwashed. Looked like I pored paint into the filter. STILL, is not clearing up the pool.

So....I'm spending more money to go back to sand. I have a pool that does have a lot of vegetation input from trees etc....but never had this problem with sand that supposedly filters less efficiently.

As for not backwashing as much with zeobrite, that just tells me the filter is letting more stuff pass through, which is definitely the case with my pool. Should have stuck with sand.

Problems with zeobrite or zeobest

Postby Sparkndex » Sat 04 Aug, 2012 07:27

Yes sir.
That is the exact scenario that I have been going through this summer.
Exactly to a "T".

It was good for about 4 weeks and now I have spent 2 weeks and hundreds of dollars in chemicals to try and fix it. I emptied my filter Zeobest last night and was going to put it back in once I inspected my filter but now I think I am going to just swap filters or change back to sand.

I called ZeoBest and they acted surprised like this has never happened.

Did you have to drain you pool to get it to clear or will putting in new media and running it clear it up?

Kalamazoo, MI
Sparky the engineer

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