Pentair 250 heater water leaking

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pentair 250 heater water leaking

Postby alexswlee » Sat 23 May, 2009 22:32

I drained and winterized my heater last fall as usual. However, when I hooked up everything to open my pool this morning, water is draining from one of the unsealed safety shutoffs. My question is this safety shutoff has never been sealed for many years but why it is draining water this time? Any suggestion how to fix this problem? Thanks.


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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Pentair 250 heater water leaking

Postby Me... » Mon 25 May, 2009 00:09

Sounds like a pressure relief valve. There should be a little handle on it. The seat inside might have junk in it and flicking that little handle back and forth to open/shut the valve can clear it. If not replace it, they are fairly cheap.

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