Bad Suction in Skimmer Causing Inability to Vacuum

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Bad Suction in Skimmer Causing Inability to Vacuum

Postby Gringo » Wed 25 May, 2011 20:59

My in the ground pool skimmer works fine except that it prone to sucking air a little bit so the pressure gauge bounces 2-4 psi. Then when I insert the vacuum hose to the skimmer return line the pressure drops to "0" and I can't get it to vacuum at all. The vacuum hose is brand new and I can't find any leaks in the piping that is visable above ground. How do I find the source of my vacuum/air problem? Are there any resonable and reliable companies that I can contact for help? I live in Bloomingdale and prefer to do business as close to home as possible.


Bad Suction in Skimmer Causing Inability to Vacuum

Postby shelyn » Tue 07 Jun, 2011 20:34

We have had a pool for years but bought a new house last Fall and it came with an above ground kayak pool. We just opened it last week - previous owners had installed a new liner prior to leaving and the pool was crystal clear. It is cloudy and dirty on the bottom (lots of trees) and we can't get enough suction to vaccum. Put all new sand in the filter as we thought maybe it was too clogged/dirty to clean well. Air pressure is at optimum for about 15 minutes after backwash but then goes high and there is no suction. Is not a problem with the vacuum hose because the air "jets" (sorry that's what I call them!) you can't even feel the air come out of in the pool. Don't want to spend money replacing everything. Any ideas?
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Bad Suction in Skimmer Causing Inability to Vacuum

Postby tdfuller » Wed 08 Jun, 2011 10:38

I am going to try to the small plastic bag sucked through the skimmer first, to see if I have a partial blockage in my line going from skimmer to pump. I only have low suction while vacuuming.

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