Salt-water softener?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Salt-water softener?

Postby MIKEGOUGH1 » Sun 24 May, 2009 16:30

The salt I have been buying for my pool is from Lowes, 40 lb bag of water softening salt. Is this okay?
Is there any difference between that salt and so called pool salt, other than the price?
This is they type of salt I use, the blue bag crystal solar salt. Does it really make a difference if I use the white bag, the pool salt. They are both over 90% salt. ... ducts.aspx


Salt-water softener?

Postby tinpan4 » Sun 20 Feb, 2011 17:23

Yes there is a big difference most solar salts are dug out of the ground and packaged and sent to the store. When it comes to certain pool salts the refining process is much more involved to remove alot of impurities that cause staining of steps return/intake fittings etc as well as keeping the salt generator cell lasting longer. Do a little reasearch before you use solar salt and you'll see.
chem geek
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Salt-water softener?

Postby chem geek » Sun 20 Feb, 2011 20:27

See the Salt section under Recommended Pool Chemicals. Some water softener salt is fine to use and particularly good brands are listed in that link. Stay away from table salt, rock salt and deicing salt -- those are the ones that would cause metal staining from impurities. You want salt that is 99.4% pure or better. The one you listed is 99.6% pure and is explicitly listed as OK, though the Diamond Crystal Pellets are more pure so would be even better.
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Salt-water softener?

Postby swimfit » Mon 21 Feb, 2011 00:20

Please take a look at this article. This has a great detail on salt water pools.

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