Cloudy light green pool

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My Pool: [b]Problem[/b]: Cloudy green pool for a month. Not making any headway regardless of what I do. Chlorine keeps disappearing!

[b]FC[/b]: 0.5
[b]TC[/b]: 1.0
[b]pH[/b]: 7.8
[b]TA[/b]: 120
[b]CYA[/b]: 0 even after adding large bucket of CYA

[b]My pool[/b]: Above ground 36,000 gal
[b]Pool chemicals[/b]: Tried Calcium hypochorite??? 4 bags every 12 hours X3 (From Leslies), Green out, CYA, Baking soda.
[b]My pump & filter[/b]: Hayward swimpro cartridge filter
[b]Other info[/b]: Previously to this last attempt to clear the pool up I had dumped in 3 gallons of 6% bleach from walmart.
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Cloudy light green pool

Postby sipescl » Sun 24 May, 2009 20:23

Problem: Not making any headway on pool. It is just staying a light green and is cloudy. It has been this way for about a month. Can't keep chlorine level up.
TC: 1.0
pH: 7.8
CYA: 0 before adding big bucket of CYA now is between 0 and 30 (Test Strip)
My pool: Above ground, 36,000
Pool chemicals: Yesterday added Bucket of CYA, 4 bags of power powder plus every 12 hours x 3, and green out. Today added baking soda and it brought ph up to the 7.8
My pump & filter: Hayward swimpro with filter cartridge.

I have yet to see the bottom of the pool. The pool started out very dark green with lots of debris (leaves and whirly birds). After the initial shocking it turned to a lighter shade of green and got cloudy. Please help!! I am very fustrated!

chem geek
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Cloudy light green pool

Postby chem geek » Mon 25 May, 2009 22:58

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with the pool. You can do a bucket test to see how much chlorine it will take before your pool starts to hold chlorine. 1/4 teaspoon of 6% bleach in 2 gallons is 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC).

Read Defeating Algae and note that you need to MAINTAIN a shock level of Free Chlorine (FC) relative to the Cyanuric Acid (CYA) level. You don't just dump some chlorine in and wait. You retest and if the FC has dropped you add more chlorine. You can use The Pool Calculator to figure out dosing.

Also note that you need to have some CYA in the water (but not too much -- 30 ppm is fine for now) or else the chlorine will breakdown in sunlight quickly.

It can take days or up to a week for the pool to clear of cloudiness IF you maintain a shock level of chlorine, brush regularly, and clean/backwash the filter. If the pool is still cloudy, check the calcite saturation index in the pool calculator -- if it's too high because the pH, CH or TA are too high, then lower them appropriately.

If the water were a clear green, then that could be copper so the water should be tested for metals.

You should not be using test strips and instead get yourself a good test kit, either the Taylor K-2006 you can get at a good online price here or the TF100 from here with the latter kit having 36% more volume of reagents so is less expensive per test.


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