Phosphorus in pool

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Phosphorus in pool

Postby Guest » Fri 27 Apr, 2012 12:02

i do not know all the terms used. my report from leslie`s pool supply says everything is good ,,,except pho. at 500. fac is 3, tac 3, ch 300. ta 80, ph 7.6, tds 1300. and my pool is slightly cloudy, laslie`s says "phosfree" will do the trick. $53.50 for the ONE treatment, "and it could come back in two weeks. HELP !!!!!

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Phosphorus in pool

Postby czechmate » Sun 29 Apr, 2012 11:32

Anything that cost more than single malt whisky of same volume, is a definite waist of money to dump in the pool. Keep that as a rule of thumb.
There are a fairly expensive chemicals that may be very usefull and often necessary to prevent damage to the gunite, like sequestrants and others, but the phosfree is not one of them.
This product along with the Cal-treat are rip-off by design by pool industry promoted by Leslie's to padd-up their sales.
Besides, you can get regular Phosfree (not plus) online, at fraction of the store price.
Regular filter maintenance, coupled with a proper water chemical balance preventing algae start will prove to be a lot less expensive and much simpler than chasing and implementing remedies later.

Phosphorus in pool

Postby Poolguy25 » Thu 07 Jun, 2012 08:27

Quite honestly if it works who cares about all the scientific information. I too have a salt generator and have for years. My pool has been crystal clear for a month but I could not get a salt reading. Almost considered it was time for a new cell. Had the water tested and the phosphates were in the thousands. Added two bottles, pricey? Yes. Do I now have a chlorine reading? Yes. Therefore I am happy. Yes it's still cloudy on third day now and have added clarifier. Every reading is perfect though so I know I will be back to a crystal clear pool and I'm happy.

Phosphorus in pool

Postby Poolguy25 » Thu 07 Jun, 2012 08:29

Sorry I didn't mean I didn't have a salt reading. Chlorine!

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