Inherited major leaf problem in pool

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: In-ground, vinyl liner, 40'x20', Hayward Perflex EC-65 DE Filter.
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Inherited major leaf problem in pool

Postby seanm27 » Mon 25 May, 2009 17:33

Hi a big thanks to anyone who can chime in with some advice here.

I have been a pool owner in the past but have never encountered a problem like this. The pool was not opened for at least 2-3 years, there is a coating of leaves covering the entire bottom of the pool 100%, water is clear for the moment though (only because I haven't disturbed the rotted leaves).

I'm totally open to "extreme measures." Should I drain the pool and scoop the leaves out that way, could the vinyl liner collapse? Should I leave the water in, scoop the leaves out with a net, and then pump out the black water and replace with fresh hose water? Are there any other options?

I am trying to avoid "just running the filter until it is clear," partially because I think this filter needs a number of parts replaced (maybe even the pump), and partially because I think it will take a month of constant backwashing to clear this much water.

Pool specs:
In-ground, 40'x20', 10' deep at deepest point, vinyl liner, Hayward Perflex EC-65 De Filter.

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Pool Enthusiast
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Inherited major leaf problem in pool

Postby Bjorn » Sun 21 Jun, 2009 15:04

It sounds like the best solution is to use the pool net and then emptying most of the dirty water. The liner will probably also have to be scrubbed vigorously to get it clean, because the pool has been closed for several years. But remember that when work is done, so be sure to test water quality for pH level, etc etc... so you can provide the right treatment with chemicals.
Ellen Mapes

Inherited major leaf problem in pool

Postby Ellen Mapes » Sat 25 Jul, 2009 11:12

We have a problem with leaves in our pool. At least 3 inches of them circulate around the middle of the pool. The solution is to cover the pool in the Winter, keeping the pump going. This will keep the water clear. With the leaves, the problem will disappear, since the leaves can not get into the pool with it covered. We also have problems with oak pollen, which discolors the water. We have HUGE, LARGE trees all around our pool, and when we were first-time pool owners we covered the pool and turned off the pump for the winter. What a mess! Our solution was to purchase a chemical from the pool store. It cleared up the "muck" in the pool in about a week. Nice clear water. This Winter we will cover the pool for the first time since it was installed and hopefully this will solve the leaf problem. Leaves are too much work for pool maintenance! We have a 13,000 gallon, above-ground pool. Enjoy!

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