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Re: Heater Problem

Postby proshooter » Fri 16 Sep, 2016 13:37

I have 2- H150fd/n. They both were manufactured in 2014. I bought one on Ebay. It was new ...never installed from a person that bought a "Going out of Bussiness" deal from a pool store. I drove 2.5 hrs there and 2.5 hrs back to pickup the first one. Installed it and couldn't get it to fire up. I took it back and it was replaced with another H150fd/n. For my troubles the seller gave me the first one I returned to use as parts...or fix it. I installed the second one mid-season in 2015. It worked great. Fast forward to the end-season 2016. Heater worked fine all summer until Sept...when we really need it. It would cycle through 4-5 times and then the code IF. I messed with it exchanging every part from heater #2 that I could think of using the trouble shooting guide from Hayward. No luck. I then read this forum and used tape to cover 1/2 of the blower holes as described. Fired right up and runs fine. I'm hoping that the heater #2 has the same problem and can be used by someone. Not sure if this is a long term fix but it works!! Thanks for posting!!!

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