Effects of Temp on Chlornine

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Effects of Temp on Chlornine

Postby smcrea » Tue 26 May, 2009 12:57

My Question is with regards to the effect of water temp on my ability of my FC to sanititize.

Water balance details:
FC = 4.0
Combined Chlorine = 0
CYA = 65
TA = 70
Calcium Hardness = 280ppm
Ph = 7.6

I'm using a Chlorine generator with 3200ppm salt added.

My current water temp from the solar hits around 83 degrees here in Southern CA.

I heard that after 85 that my FC will not work. I find this a little extreme, and think that we probably have some kind of curve of temp against FC effectiveness in a similar way to FC effectiveness vs Ph.

I intend to run my pool at 90 during the summer and was wondering what effect this will have.

I'd also be interested to know how the FC in my spa is doing at 100. However when not in use I switch my spa pool combo back to combined so the water is circulated through both so I'm not so worried about that.



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