swamp water!!

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swamp water!!

Postby cberwick76 » Fri 02 Jun, 2006 08:23

Our pool liner ripped and fell into the pool during the windy cold winter...now the water is brown, green and full of leaves - looks just like a swamp! Whats the best way to go about this? I am forever pulling leaves out, the sides are coated with maple keys and junk...backwash and keep adding chemicals or at this point drain and start fresh?

Please help!


Swamp Water

Postby greyes4262 » Tue 06 Jun, 2006 13:21

Been there. Manually remove as much debree (leaves, sticks) with your strainer and run the filter 24 hours. If your pump and filter is in good condition, it should do the trick.
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I'm new here
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music to my ears!

Postby Kurt » Tue 13 Jun, 2006 15:51

I just bought a house a month ago and it came with a 24' above ground pool. I had a really bad day at work the other day, so when I got home, decided I needed some manual labor to cool off :x . I know absolutly nothing about pools but was bound and determined to open mine lastnight :oops: . I ended up letting a bunch of water from on top of the tarp covering the pool in and it looks like.....yup.......swamp water :shock: ! So I am glad to hear that, after some back breaking leaf removal that my filter and vacuum should do the rest! :D

Postby Oliduz » Thu 22 Jun, 2006 07:49

If you treat it, it will get better.

Pic of my green pool this year, and how it got better over time.



Postby cberwick76 » Sat 24 Jun, 2006 10:42

Those pics were an awesome idea O :) our pool started much like yours (maybe more black than green) but now its nice and blue just like yours :) Took ALOt of chemicals and TLC but we can finally swim - that of course is why its raining now!!!! :(

Thanks all
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I'm new here
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Re: swamp water!!

Postby MarylynCobb » Fri 14 Sep, 2018 10:12

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