Cannot find air leak

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Cannot find air leak

Postby kreations » Wed 27 May, 2009 08:08

I have a hayward cartridge filter & a 1 hp hayward pump.Just started the pool back up was dark green now light blue but cloudy.My problem is the filter looses pressure quickly, after constantly cleaning the element I removed it just to see the difference in pressure in the jet & it is powerful with the element out.I was told maybe I have a air leak, I cannot find it or maybe I have the wrong size filter,I have been told so many conflicting things.The filter is old & it is a 50 sq ft, the pump is brand new .The pool is 12 x 24 above ground.Help....................................I want to go swimming

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Cannot find air leak

Postby Me... » Wed 27 May, 2009 08:40

You seem to have answered your own question, the filter is the culprit. If you have only 1 filter element it might be good for a couple of years. I recommend 2. Use 1 and take your time cleaning the second. Swap them once a month or so. They will last much longer, you dont have to rush the cleaning job and your pool will thank you.

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