Draining pool until fall

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Draining pool until fall

Postby SPARKY » Wed 27 May, 2009 22:16


can any further problems occur by draining an inground gunite pool other than to the already falling off plaster? May need to leave drained (if I go this route) until fall and I hate to pay to keep the water clear since I'm having equipment problems to boot. Hate to replaster until equipment is corrected and hate to correct equipment for an empty pool. By the way the pool is in phx where it would sit empty in 110 degree plus weather throughout the summer. Can replaster job be done in extreme hot weather?

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Draining pool until fall

Postby czechmate » Fri 29 May, 2009 21:17

Depending on the level of your water table you will still have water at bottom of your pool for all this time.
I am of course referring to the need of opening of the hydrostatic plug in order to protect the pool from floating out of ground.
This water from the deep is dirty and smells. Even if it did not, it will in a week.
And than you have the rain water.
Now, not everything is negative though. You can find how much water is below your pool in extreme rainy condition and if it is not more than 3ft you may be safe to leave the plug in.
I had mine open for a whole month while re-tiling and preping for new plaster.
The water never got higher than 2ft, the original level when first removed, even after big rains.
All that depends on the type of soil and it porosity or density.
And as far as the rain water, for about 70 bucks you get a nice submersible pump and get it out in 4 minutes.
Structually the walls should hold. Plaster will suffer, but not as much as by sandblast, acid wash or jackhammer. And those are the procedures used for replastering that you may be using anyway.
BTW, you may need to drill inside the hole, after removing the plug. I had about half inch concrete below mine!

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