Sand filter need help cleaning

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sand filter need help cleaning

Postby mikeymuy » Thu 28 May, 2009 01:03

hey guys i have sand filter pool and every time turn on the pool pump dirt comes out of the jets and gets the pool dirty not too much but about 5sec or so of dirt comes out what could be the problem ???? thanks

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Sand filter need help cleaning

Postby Me... » Thu 28 May, 2009 11:48

Probably a cracked/broken lateral or hub in the bottom. Can also be a tube in there that helps relief air has come loose. Debris tends to initially shoot out the hole leaving a small pocket in front of the crack. More debris probably wont leave until the filter is turned off/on or most likely backwashed again. Pretty common to see this happen.

After it is fixed focus on not running backwashing more than 2-3 minutes and also keep the flow down to about 15 gallons per minute per square foot of surface area. In other words if your filter says its surface area is 3 square feet, that would be a 45 gallon per minute backwash. It is entirely too common to see big pump / small filter combos and this is what happens.

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